About Drop-Skip&Dump

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We only dump waste at certified and registered dump sites

How Drop-Skip&Dump Works

You tell us about your waste removal requirements - we remove your waste. Skip hire is much more cost effective that making use of small trailers or LDV's or any other means of low volume (2,5 cubic metres) waste removal.

If you have a bigger waste problem - we will provide you with a midi skip (6 cubic metres) for a full week.


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Bin Capacity

Drop-Skip&Dump uses waste bins better known as mini skips. These mini skips have a capacity of approximately 2,3 cubic metres. or 2,3 tons of waste. Our bins are marked to give you an indication of the maximum load levels for different types of waste. See                                         for more detail.


Frequently asked questions

How convenient is a Mini Skip?

Mini Skips are very convenient as a result of ther size. It is much easier to position them in places where lrge skips can not be placed. Mini Skips offer continued removal and do not remain in the way "just to fill them up".

Is a Mini Skip cost effective?

Yes! a Mini Skip reduces the cost of removing waste with a standard LDV by at least half. LDV's also need to load and go, whereas a Mini Skip can be delivered to your terrain for as long or as briefly as you would like - Mini Skips suit your plans

Can I move the Mini Skip after it has been delivered?

We deliver the Mini Skip a the most convenient place possible for you, however, after the Mini Skip bin has been delivered you will need to contact us if you would like to move it, since we use specialised hydraulic equipment to move the bins.

For how long can I keep a Mini Skip on my site?

For as long as you need it. Talk to us anout our long term options.

What type of bulk material do you typically deliver?

We typically deliver building sand, stone and filling material for building sites and products such as topsoil, compost or instant lawn for gardens.

How does the Mini Tipper rental differ from Mini Skip rentals?

Mini Skips can hold much more waste - approximately 1 ton (or 1 cubic metre) - than our mini tipper. (1 LDV or Bakkie Load is about 1 ton) Mini Skip also affords you usage over time, whereas the Mini Tipper has to be loaded and ready to leave within 1 hour from arrival.